100% Self-Acceptance

Happy GirlWhen you accept your Self 100%, living a peaceful and joyful life is possible. Non-acceptance of Self, even at the least bit, makes it impossible to live peacefully and joyfully. Anything that you continue to identify with from the past—you must let go of. If you have regrets over past decisions and choices that you made and action(s) that you took, you have to let them go. If you blame yourself for others decisions, choices, and actions, you have to stop blaming yourself. If you are holding onto resentment and bitterness towards others—you have to let it go. You cannot control other people. Accept that and you will be at peace.


You cannot feel joy if you are not at peace.


When you become offended by others behavior (speech and action) and become defensive, resentful, and bitter—it means that you do not accept your Self 100%. When you accept your Self 100%, you are not psychologically effected by others behavior.

When you accept your Self 100%, you make changes to your environment when needed or you remove yourself from toxic situations or people who are projecting their toxic and psychological issues towards you. You understand that allowing that negative behavior to exist and continue where you live—in your environment, in your home—distracts you from living your life, a healthy life, and it also does not help the other person either. They will not stop what they are doing as long as you are allowing it to happen. It does not mean that you do not accept them, it just means that you do not accept their negative and toxic behavior to continue in your life. They have a better chance of changing and seeing their own behavior when you tell them to leave, that you do not accept their negative and destructive behavior.

Work is different. There’s not a whole lot that you can do when you work in a toxic and negative work environment, but you can choose to leave that environment and find another job; or, if you are able to, start your own business, even if it means you have less money starting out. Money does not = happiness. It can make your life more comfortable, but if you are stressed out all of the time over your work environment, then you are paying a price for that comfort, which does not seem all that comfortable when you take a step back and look at the big picture of the situation.

You may be lying in a hammock, thinking that you are enjoying nature, but are you? Are you really there—really present and aware of the beauty of nature and your surroundings? In reality you are not, if you are like most people, your mind is bombarded with thoughts about other things, such as how much you hate work, how much you hate your job; or, if it is Sunday, you are thinking about how much you hate having to go back to work on Monday. You have to accept that there is not a whole lot that you can do about your work environment. You can only change you, your perceptions, your attitude, your decisions and choices, and the actions that you take or do not take. You cannot change other people. Accept it—accept your Self—let go—change what you can change—and, if you are able to, find a more peaceful work environment.

Remember, especially when that little negative voice in your head tries to sabotage you and your life:

Peace and Joy can only be felt when there is 100% Acceptance of Self.

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  1. Hi Pamela,
    Thanks for your site and its important content.
    Self acceptance has been my biggest struggle in life. It has taken many years to realise that I am not who I thought I was. I now know that everything that I’ve used to define my identity is just surface noise, like ripples on a pond. The stillness beneath is who I am.

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