Installing WordPress on Bluehost

By Pamela J. Wells

Tutorial #1

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install WordPress on your Bluehost website. To install WordPress in your root directory or a sub-directory follow the instructions below.

to Bluehost.

On your Hosting cPanel, click on WordPress.

Click on Install a Brand New Instance:

install wordpress image

Select the domain you want to install WP on. If you want to install your WP site into a subdirectory of your root domain, choose your domain and type the subdirectory name (such as “blog”) after the forward slash ( / ). You must have a subfolder with that name already created in your file manager.

Root Directory Example:

Click on Check Domain.

domain image

Sub-Directory Example:

Click on Check Domain.

subdomain image

Check that you have read the terms and conditions:

install now image

Your install is underway.

install underway image

Your install is complete. Click on View Credentials in the top right corner.

install complete image

Under Action, click on view.

view credentials

Write your Access Information down or print it. You will need it to login to your new WP site.

Right-click and copy your Admin URL and paste it into a new browser window. Click enter.

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Enter your username, which is your email address.
Enter your password.
Check Remember Me.

You will see your WordPress Dashboard.

(Tutorial #2 Coming Soon)

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