Living A Simple Spiritual Life

Yellow FlowersLiving a spiritual life is simple. Living in awareness is simple. There’s nothing spectacular about it. Living a dramatic life, filled with mental and emotional attachments to notions, beliefs, opinions, labels, comparisons, constantly competing with everyone over everything, not able to have a conversation with anyone without bringing up some personal achievement or trying to get a one-upmanship over another person only creates unnecessary suffering.

Delusional attachment to a mentally formulated identity, which derives personal value or feels devalued based upon profession, employment status, education, societal status, the amount of money/material assets one has or does not have, relationship status, the quality of the relationship—which all creates the illusion of separation and perpetuates unnecessary suffering.

Living in drama is addictive; otherwise, people would stop creating it and there would be much less suffering in relationships, in families and in the world. Trying to control or claim ownership of another human being also creates a tremendous amount of suffering. Instead of trying to control another, accept them, accept your Self 100%, and accept the fact that you cannot control another living being. If you cannot meet eye to eye or they go their separate way, so be it. Accept it; otherwise, you will suffer. People come in and out of our lives. Trying to cement a relationship only creates more fear and anxiety from trying to make something solid and permanent that is impossible to solidify. Our relationships are fluid. They move and it is impossible to know how long a relationship will last.

Enjoy the present moment, each moment, regardless of who you are with, if you are not with anyone—enjoy it. Don’t waste your life sitting around trying to control other people or dwelling on being alone and wanting someone in your life. Go out and enjoy life Now! Live life filled with gratitude and appreciation. Be Selfless and non-attached!

Living a Simple Spiritual Life Is Peaceful & Joyful.
Living a dramatic life filled with attachments
to notions and beliefs, to another living being,
has only one outcome—suffering.


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About Pamela J. Wells

Pamela writes articles on conscious living, mindfulness, and meditation. She also writes inspirational articles, poems, and daily affirmations. She lives in Austin, Texas.
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  1. IT IS as the Hopi people once believed:

    “The Hopi Declaration of Peace”

    It is in the Power of the True Hopi People to
    unify the minds and spirits of all true peace
    seeking peoples of the earth.

    “Hopi” means “Peaceful People” And the truest
    and greatest power is the strength of Peace
    because Peace is The Will of The Great Spirit.

    But do not think that just because the True Hopi
    People have been told by the Great Spirit never
    to take up arms, that the True Hopi People will not
    fight and even die for what we know to be the right
    Way of Life.

    The True Hopi People know how to fight without
    killing or hurting.

    The True Hopi People know how to fight with Truth
    and Positive Force In The Light of The Great Spirit.

    The True Hopi People know how to fight and
    educate by clear thoughts, good pictures,
    and by carefully chosen words.

    The True Hopi People know how to show to all the
    world’s children the True Way of Life by setting an
    example and by working and communicating in a
    way that reaches the minds and hearts of all people
    who are truly seeking the methods of A Simple and
    Spiritual Life, which is the only Life that will survive.
    YES, “A Simple and Spiritual Life is the only Life that will survive”.

    And i take the liberty of adding “…….Forever…….”

    A link to a Hopi elder’s “final message to mankind” is:

  2. This is outstanding. I really appreciate you wisdom around our addiction to drama and how this causes such suffering in life. We can not control others and the more we try the more we suffer. Excellent, thank you. Cheryl

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